Governor fetes nurse for saving newborn

Paul Ndung’u

Laikipia county government has rewarded a nurse who rescued a newborn baby abandoned by her teenage mother.

Sinino Abdullahi, who works at Kimanjo sub-county hospital narrated how she was informed of a baby whose mother had concealed her pregnancy and upon delivering, she hid the child in a bush.

Abdullahi said some children saw the Class Eight pupil hide something in the bushand upon notifying the parents, they found it was a child wrapped  in old clothes and cow dung stuffed in his mouth and immediately called for help from a village caretaker.

She said the girl from Musul village did so for fear of being punished by her parents. The nurse rushed to the scene and rescued the baby, rushed him to hospital put him in an incubator before counselling the mother.  “It was a very delicate case.

The whole family  did not want to hear anything about the mother or the child,”she said. Abdullahi, alongside other four employees received a cash award of Sh100,000.  Laikipia Governor Ndiritu Muriithi to serve all residents without discrimination.

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