House rent, electricity drive up cost of living to 4.35pc

The cost of living increased slightly from 4.28 per cent last month to 4.35 per cent in July, the latest data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) reveals.

According to the data, the rise in inflation rates was due to the housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels’ index, which increased by 0.12 per cent in July compared to 0.52 per cent recorded in June.

KNBS director general Zachary Mwangi said the increment was due to increase in prices of kerosene, electricity and cooking gas. He said the cost of potatoes increased by 5.94 per cent, kale (Sukuma Wiki) also rose by 36.55 per cent while tomato prices increased by 10.45 per cent.

Charcoal prices

House rent rose by 5.74 per cent, kerosene by 36.41 per cent, diesel by 21.95 per cent, petrol by 15.38 per cent, electricity by 13.17 per cent, gas by 4.95 per cent and charcoal by 68.34 per cent.

“During the review period, the transport index increased by 0.62 per cent mainly on account of increase in the pump price of petrol which outweighed the decrease in the price of diesel,” he said.

He said the survey was conducted during the second and third weeks of the month, with prices being obtained from selected retail outlets in 25 data collection zones in Nairobi and in 13 other urban centres.

Mwangi said the consumer price indexes (CPI) decreased by 0.89 per cent from 193.31 in June to 191.59 in July. However, the overall year-on-year inflation stood at 4.35 per cent in July 2018.

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