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How do I stop my children from lying?

It all begins like a joke when children keep things from their parents. I tend to think that my house helps instigate this, because my children will sometimes not tell me what happens when I’m not around. They make some sort of friendship pact that will only break when the house help leaves my house for good.

I sometimes have to force information out of them when I suspect wrong-doings. But what happens when it extends to other areas of life? How do you control it? Do you keep punishing your child in the hope that they will eventually learn?

The little annoying things

We came home on Sunday evening and began preparing for the week. Pesh and Raine sat down to do their homework and before long, Raine needed an eraser. “Mama,” she called out. “My letter d and b look the same.” We still battle with b, d, p, q and 9. “Which is correct?” I went over to take a look and upon showing her, we agreed that she needed to rub off the wrong letter. “Where is the eraser? Pesh?” My oldest daughter is in charge of their stationery, careless as she is. Quickly, Pesh ran to their bedroom and summoned her sister to join her with her book. Raine soon came back announcing that everything was ok now. On her book, I could see a dirty spot that clearly indicated that saliva was used to clear her errors.

Are we going round and round?

I probed and later found out that the umpteenth eraser I bought was again lost, just like last week’s pencil. While Raine will report a loss unapologetically, Pesh prefers to let you discover it by yourself. Fed up with the lies, I bought new stationery and let their father handle the punishment. Now this new stock is to be accounted for on a daily basis. I am not sure this will work, but let’s see!

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