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Engineers? Which genes of engineers?

It is said that the first rule of success is to have an insatiable passion for what you do. No wonder law students are fond of walking around in cheap suits, forcing Latin words into conversations and stealing every slight opportunity to say “My friend, let me tell you what the law says…”

However, if there is a brood that has misused this notion, is the cluster of math wizards and physics witches who go under the name of engineering students. This crowd behaves like divinely chosen souls who dine on the tables of heaven and occasionally chat with John the Baptist!

First of all, these braggarts will make sure everybody in campus notices that they are engineering students. Even on the hottest of days, they walk around campus wearing their oily aprons you would mistake them for mechanics. They will do that as they carry those big wooden rulers and calculators with pencils balanced precipitously on the earlobe. Leaving us to wonder, if everyone were to walk around with the tools of their trade, what would comrades pursuing gynaecology carry?

Then is the annoying habit of demeaning everybody else and dismissively disregarding what they do. These killjoys will wait until you proclaim in confidence that you’re doing pharmacy at which they will sneer in disregard and say  “Forget your career…we are engineers!”  Mr engineer, next time you fall sick kindly gobble down those arithmetic equations and kinetic witchcraft and wait for healing! We assure you calculus cures headaches.

Then,  just like their learned counterparts, they have this behaviour of dragging their classwork into every situation to sound smart.  They will interrupt a group talking about the Council Of Governors (COG) and say, “According to my physics class, COG means centre of gravity.” The same case applies also in flirting. We hear Electrical engineering dudes tune girls like “I can transform you, I’m your transformer! You are my current. I will let you be, with minimum resistance! Be my water and I’ll be your steam-er (read stima!) From now girl I’m on your team ma…because you are ‘the team ma! (Read thitima!)