Varsities, researchers tipped on sources of funding

 James Wakahiu

Kenyan universities complain they don’t get funding for research, yet they don’t work hard to attract financing, Mount Kenya Universty (MKU) Vice Chancellor Prof Stanley Waundo (pictured) has said.

While briefing the press on the progress of the preparation for the forthcoming 5th International & Interdisciplinary Research Conference 2018, Prof Waundo said colleges and scholars who take time writing research proposals face no challenges getting funding. “You can’t wait for research funding yet you are not writing proposals and applying for resources to help you in your finding,” he said.

He said some researchers were not keen on their work and behave like company directors. “They teach during the day and in the evening they go to watch their favourite cartoons, putting their research work aside. How can such scholars attract funding?” he posed.

He warned scholars who get funding not to misuse the  resources ‘the Kenyan way —diverting resources’. “Since MKU underscored research and innovation, it had established a directorate to manage the same,”  he added.

Prof Waundo said it was unfortunate that Kenya is importing fish from China at a cost of between Sh150 and Sh300 per kilo while the same quantity of local tilapia costs Sh400 and above. “The Chinese do not pray more than we do, but they undertake serious research to produce enough fish for their huge population and for export,” he said.

MKU Council Vice Chairman, Dr Vincent Gichuru Gaitho said it was to help solve such challenges that MKU is hosting an international conference on research in October at the Thika main campus.  The workshop will be held in collaboration with Kyambogo University (Uganda), Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (Nigeria) and University of Eldoret (Kenya) under the auspices of the Inter-Universities Research Consortium.

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