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We have to ‘stake’ it out

Man! Have we not gone ham during the month of June and July? I feel like a detox is badly needed after a lot of indulging. While at it, I came across a mini-wine and spirit turned club in South B called Stake Out.

The joint reminded me of a club in Kampala. Clubs in Kampala come in small packages. So, as small as Stake Out looks like, it gets filled up so quick that you might just miss a spot to lay your bottom. But even those who miss out, I saw them having all the strength to stand as they sip on their poison. It made me wonder how a club of its stature would become so popular, especially in such a short period. It’s still relatively new.

My feelings are that they might need to expand or up the number of seats at the establishment, just to make it efficient for customers. But Stake Out has completely stolen the show from its next-door neigbour known as Nerkwo.

At the petit club, beers go for Sh200, while whiskies and spirits range from Sh1,500 to Sh7,000, depending on what is on your order. Unfortunately, you cannot attend to your hunger pangs at the joint, because they don’t offer food. The good side of this is that Stake Out is surrounded by different food joints and food can somehow or always find you.

But the joint serves great music! There’s no resident deejay per se, but the pre-mixed music booming from the speakers is quite hyper and suits a club. However, if you love shaking a leg, this is not the place for you. The space is just so limited to sitting and taking whatever you are taking. The space is just enough for you to bang your head to the beat, at least. It’s not a place you would spend the whole night at, but it’s a great spot for a party starter.

One good thing though; you don’t need to worry about parking. There’s enough for all types of cars.

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