Lush serenity

By Marcella Akinyi

How did you meet?

Sally: We met at the work place in 2014.

How long did you date?

Two years.

How was the proposal?

It was during one of those traditional rites back at my home in Kinangop. After the indoor meetings were done and it was time to conclude the gathering, he was asked to say something. He took that opportunity to thank everyone who walked with him in the whole process and to thank my parents for allowing him to take my hand in marriage. At that point, he narrated a short story of how we met, and that is when he turned to me, knelt down, pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him. I was astounded because that was the last thing I would have expected, and also the timing as well as the place. I was in tears and said a big ‘Yes’!

How was the process of planning your wedding? Did you involve a planner or did you have a committee?

Planning came naturally to me, so I found it simple and fun, so, of course I had an easy time plus my hubby was okay with most of the ideas I had. Clearly, weddings are for the ladies (chuckles). No, we did not involve a planner, neither did we have a wedding committee.

Why did you go for an out-of-town venue and what were the challenges of doing this?

Migaa is special to us in many ways. The lush serenity was key in making the choice. Also, we needed somewhere with plenty of space to do as much as we would have wanted. The only challenge was giving guests directions. However, the turnout was above our expectations.

Did your wedding day turn out the way you wanted it to?

We had an amazing time, despite the bride arriving very late at the venue and the groom was so worried. The weather was great, you can imagine how the white tents sparked in the golf course. Of course there is always something you look back to and feel it was not done the way it should have, but generally we were happy.

What were some of the highlights on your big day?

Walking down the aisle and the part my parents handed me to the groom. It was so emotional, my mum broke down.

Any challenges faced?

The biggest challenge was on which provider to settle on, one who wouldn’t disappoint, because there are so many providers in every sector.

How did you choose the suppliers?

Largely through referrals and also reviewing some of their previous works.

Advice to couples planning a wedding?

It is a one-day affair. You do not have to spend so much to have the wedding of your dreams. You just need to be creative and to always remember there is life after the wedding.

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