Park so green

learnt the hard way that you should never visit a park during cold weather. Don’t. But when the sun comes out to play, by all means, take to the parks. That said, we took to Evergreen Park along Kiambu Road, during those not-so-busy days, but it was worth it.

After we paid the entrance fee, Sh300 per adult, we parked our vehicle and embarked on our mini-week adventure. The swings sat there in their full splendor, but the thought of going for a round was not as sound, so we decided to start with a horse ride. The caretaker led him to us and after all the saddles were well secured, I hopped on first. I remembered the video of the guy who tried to board a camel and had a nasty fall, so I thanked God that the beast was well trained.

The ride that cost Sh100 lasted about 15 minutes. We took an easy ride and I found out the horse’s name was Toto. He almost tripped when we got to a section of the road that had freshly poured corrugation. That got me a bit scared, but I did not show it; my resilience levels are up there. We came back and John, my colleague, had his shot on the horse. That was not before he got acquainted with him. He had a great stark black mane that John patted before he had his ride. I need to point out that he was particularly excited about our little trip, a bit more than I was.

When they got back, we got our orange luminous life jackets on and went aboard our blue boat. The guide expressed his confidence in us by letting us take the ride by ourselves, as he handed us the paddles. The boat ride was short because my affinity for water was lower than my colleague’s, but it was sweet and fun. I enjoyed the navigation that was mostly in circles and could not wait to get off the boat. This was not before we hit the floating dais. John took another ride, while I familiarised myself with the well-caged swings. By now, lack of warmth was not a barrier. My colleague tried his hand at fishing, which I must add, was an unlucky trial. I mean, what’s the meaning of say after fishing for 20 minutes and catching zilch fish?

The park is lush green and I understood why it was named Evergreen. I noticed they use the water from their dam to water the rest of the ground. I did expect that it had an array of fun activities lined up, especially because it had been likened to Disney. I mean my expectations bar was pretty high. That bar was promptly lowered.

Evergreen is perfect for garden weddings and for family picnic. The robust makuti gazebos offer privacy and serve as great spots to hang out or do a koroga, as you enjoy the facility. If you want to really have fun, carry your own food and go as a group, the fun activities together would be greater that way. Children would have the time of their lives since the camels are being trained and will soon be part of the facility. On weekdays though, they do offer food, hence our vivid hurry to get back to town where we could satisfy our rumbling tummies.

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