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Why did you go for this car?

Just look at it, it looks beastly. It’s a well designed car that looks like nothing else on the road. From the first time I saw this design I wanted one. Subarus are synonymous with tough performance ever since they battled the Evos in the world’s rally stages. That same grit is in every Subaru to date and this particular Forester offers that conventional Subaru reliability and performance in an unconventional yet handsome package.

It’s not only fast, but practical as well. You get more room here than in most station wagons and yet it looks more masculine and rugged. The manufacturers really hit the nail on the head with this design. All things considered I’d say the looks are what made me go for this particular Subaru. I’d always wanted a Subaru and their performance and reliability is almost guaranteed across models, so it was just a question of which one and this was the best all- rounder.

What do you love about it?

I believe a car is an expansion of the owner’s personality and I wanted this car embody that. I like fast cars and high performance and wasn’t satisfied with the car in factory stock condition. I had the engine remapped, upgraded the air intake and the suspension to increase handling and outright performance. I also fitted lighter performance rims and low profile tyres, which not only improve performance, but aesthetics as well. Add to that the aftermarket bumpers and side skirts and you end up with an aggressive and powerful stance. I love that it came together so nicely and I feel it is an expansion of my personality.

Any drawbacks to owning it?

We all have to compromise on a thing we love and for me, it’s the sheer weight of the car. Compared to the Impreza or even the Legacy, the Forester is heavier. This compromises outright performance a bit, especially when getting off the line flat out. You can also feel the weight in the corners. This means I’m constantly aware that I can’t push it as hard as I would an Impreza STI. Apart from that, I have no complaints. As an overall package, it works better than the saloon.

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