Men cannot afford to be shallow

By default, a man’s perspective on life is that it’s a task that must be completed. Time is his friend and perspective his only companion. Everyone lives life to their own perspective, born of the time place and culture of their birth. The smart ones, however, quickly realise that knowledge has no limits, and that there’s always something new to be learnt.

For instance, a cousin of mine once dropped me upon the heaviest knowledge about knowledge. He told me: “Human beings have breadth of knowledge, but lack depth of knowledge.” I took this as a challenge henceforth. Every time I learnt something new, I’d challenge myself to learn more about the same, go deeper about the thing that I’d learnt. I figured that if I was as shallow as most, a bit of depth here and there could only be an advantage.

Of particular interest was what it means to be a man. Fortunately through wise counsel from men wiser than myself and bitter and sometimes brutal first-hand experiences, I’ve learnt a few valuable life lessons. Many are about the fairer sex, but to be fair, it’s a brave man who claims to know the mind of a woman, considering women admit that even they don’t really understand women. So, my depth of knowledge is as deep as a bottle top on that subject.

However, I have also learnt a lot about being a man and dealing with women from friends, relatives and even random strangers. Surprisingly, a lot of the knowledge I’ve acquired about the true nature of women has come from women. I did a random poll and it turns out that for a lot of men, a lot of hint-hint wink-wink knowledge about women has come from the women in our lives. Sisters, mothers, aunts and so on, who care about our well being, and I checked with a few men about this, will tell you when to avoid a certain girl. It’s like a female’s sixth sense that can detect nefariousness in another and if you don’t have your mind muddled by your lover’s mammary glands, will be of benefit to you.

Keeping an open mind and a learner’s attitude is key; otherwise you might as well hit your face with a closed book. Seek and you shall find, observe and all shall be revealed. But most importantly, when you see your fellow man go astray, pull him aside and try to drop some knowledge on him. You have to be delicate with women, because they’re beautiful gentle flowers, but knowledge delivered bluntly knocks a man out like a speeding truck. Most people in this day and age hide behind political correctness and watch as their so-called friends lose their way. Don’t be that guy!

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