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Who is Jerome Nzui?

I am six years old, the first-born in my family. I’m a skater at Viraj International School in Syokimau and a lover of sports and books.

When did you begin training?

I started skating two years ago when my coach Nichodemus introduced us to it.

Is Nichodemus also your trainer?

(Chuckles) Yes he is my all time favourite trainer. He is always gentle and easy to approach when one has an issue.

What made you fall in love with the sport?

I used to watch it on television and developed interest in it. Also, skating is quite fun and also provides an opportunity to socialise with other kids, as well as exercise.

What do you aspire to be?

I have always eyed policemen. Or, being in the military, so as to help my country be secure and to safeguard people.

What else do you love to do apart from skating?

As I said earlier on, I love reading. My favourite subjects are mathematics and science. This is because they open one’s world to new things.

What are your hobbies?

Apart from reading, playing basketball and adventure.

Do your parents support you in developing your talents?

Yes. In fact I wouldn’t be here were it not for their encouragement. They bought me the skates and the gear.

Would you want to continue skating when you grow up?

Yes, I would love to become a professional in the game and represent the country in international events, but still maintain my career as a policeman.

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