of Carl ‘Flash’ Tundo

A: Alastair. One of my greatest buddies on the KNRC front. We were team-mates at WEC Lines Rally Team and  Dalbit Petroleum Rally Team and have both driven similar cars including the Proton S2000 and Evolution 9.

B: Billy. My son, future Kenyan champion.

C: Chania. My wife. Supports my rallying 100 per cent.

D: Daniel William Carter. Simply known as Dan Carter, he is one of my most favourite sports personalities. He is a New Zealand rugby union player. Carter plays for Racing 92 and played for New Zealand’s national team, the All Blacks.

E: Evo. My current Safari and championship winning car. Been running the XI and X.

F: Frank Tundo. My dad. He has been a great inspiration to my racing career.

He built us a track for racing and started rallying in 1972. Dad has sat with quite a number of navigators including our sister Natasha.

He’s a never say never kind of person and never shirks from organising events.

G: Guru Nanak Rally. I have won the Guru Nanak rally more than once. GN as we popularly call it, has always been an event to look forward to.

H: Home Rally (Nakuru). Where I started rallying in 1995. Its one of the rounds of KNRC I have savoured doing and winning too.

I: IRC (Intercontinental Rally Challenge): I was the first and only Kenyan winner of an IRC round. Safari was then selected to be part of the all-new IRC series, a second tier championship from the World Rally Championships (WRC).

J: (Tim) Jessop. My long-standing navigator. In 19 years, we have won the Safari five times and several other rallies together including the KNRC championship titles. Jessop and I became friends when I lived in Mombasa a few years ago, although I knew him and his family for longer.

K: Karisa Hills. The Hills above Maralal where we grew up. There was loads of space to drive around in.

L: Lynn Tundo. My mum. Has been very supportive and knowledgeable in matters motorsports. She has been involved more as a team member and administrator. She has served as the chairperson of RVMSC and Clerk of the Course of Nakuru Rally. I am lucky to have a father who has the experience to help and a mother that understands the sport and both want to help as much as possible. It is fantastic having them there.

M: Milner. My rally raid racing car. The car has several victories on the local arena. Sad that we are yet to win the national raid series in it. It’s a Milner R4 with a BMW 3.0 engine in the back.

N: Natasha (Tash) -My sister who has been involved in motorsports both as a driver, navigator and administrator. I won the Guru Nanak with her.

O: Ouma. Best mechanic in Kenya. He has been tirelessly preparing my cars for over 15 years.

P: Proton. The S2000 car I drove to victory on RSC Kiambu Rally on our very first outing and indeed the first-ever win on this car make in Africa. Such a big achievement.

Q: Quickest. Always aspire to be the quickest.

R: Rai Family. Awesome family who have been a great support not only in rallying, but in all walks of life.

S: Supee Soin. What a legend!

T: Tundo Rally Team.

U: Uganda. Where I was invited for the Pearl Rally. Sadly, we didn’t finish the event but we loved the spectator enthusiasm there, it was phenomenon.

V: Victory. That’s the objective I have always had. My background in farming and being a second generation driver allowed me to realise my competition dream from an early age.

W: World Rally Championship. This is the place to be for any rally driver….Safari will be a candidate event, so hopefully we will welcome back works team drivers to Kenya if the WRC Project comes to fruition.

X: XSARA. One of my favourite cars.

Y: Yellow Kabras Sugar Racing. Livery, the three cars from our sister sponsorship’s company have become synonymous with spectators countywide.

Z: Zia. My daughter the future rally champion.

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