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Sonko orders demolition of structures along sewer lines

All structures built on sewer lines will be demolished to allow expansion, says Sonko.
Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has called all structure built on sewer lines will be demolished to pave way for expansion of sewer lines which were built during the colonial period.
On Friday, while visiting the victims of the Kariobangi sewerage blockage, Sonko said they will carry out an audit to find out all the structures that have been built on the sewer lines.
The sewer-way lines are encroached and most of the houses in this area are below the top invent level of the trunk sewer hence reason why they were easily flooded, said Sonko.
He asked the owner of those structures to voluntarily demolish them, before the county comes in and remove them.
“We are going to demolish the structures built on sewer lines to allow expansion,” said Sonko.
According to the governor, the Kariobangi sewer line blocked on July 24 at around 4:00pm at Kariobangi Light Industries leading to a spillage.
He said the City Hall workers were called and unblocked it at about 9:00pm, however, the following day at around 3:00pm the problem recurred.
“Unblocking works by the Nairobi City Water and Sewarage Company went on until 9.00pm when it was unblocked, but on Wednesday afternoon, the blockage recurred,” said Sonko.
He said the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company mobilized its technical team and the blockage was resolved at 9.30pm by desalting and removing the garbage from the sewer line by breaking the concrete and scooping the same to ensure the blockage does not recur
“The bursts were caused by dumping of garbage in the trunk sewer, blocking the drainage of the waste water along the line,” he said.
He said the drainage is already overloaded and flowing at 85 per cent while its ordinary capacity is 60 per cent, and any increase of foreign material will further aggravate the problem.
“The Company is currently repairing the sections punctured during the unblocking exercise. It is a serious offence to dump garbage in the sewer lines. Persons caught dumping garbage in the sewer lines shall face full force of the law,” said the Governor.
The sewer line conveys the sewage to Kariobangi Sewage Treatment Works which was constructed in 1958 and currently closed for rehabilitation by the National Government and Nairobi City County Government.
“It’s due for commissioning by end August this year,” said Sonko.
He said all sewage in the city has been diverted to Dandora Estate Sewage Treatment Works in Ruai.
Elderly Elijah Mbura thanked Sonko for his humanitarian aid as he visited them in their homes.
“Governor you’re a God given we leader. we thank you for your aid.i didn’t even have a blanket.”he said as he wept
The governor was accompanied by Nairobi city water and sewerage company managing director Nahashon Muguna, MCAs Silas Ongwae, Mark Mogambi, Paul Ndungu among others.
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