Church contraceptives ban hurting poor, report shows

Alfayo Onyango

A church ruling banning use of modern contraceptives is hurting poor communities, a global poll has shown.

Pope Paul VI (pictured) issued the encyclical forbidding use of contraceptives in 1968.

Consequently, for half a century, the Catholic hierarchy has blocked funding and access to contraception for family planning and HIV/Aids prevention.

According to a report by Catholics for Choice, this has come  with deadly impacts for the most vulnerable globally.’

“Many Catholics choose to ignore ban on birth control, but the world’s poorest people do not have that luxury,’’ said Jon O’Brien, Catholics for Choice president.

Polls from the United States, Colombia, Ireland, Kenya and the Philippines showing that the ban is neither followed nor supported by Catholics.

               Bishops oppose

The survey shows 58 per cent of Kenyan Catholics oppose the Vatican ban on artificial birth control while 60 per cent say it’s common for Catholics to use oral contraceptives or condoms.

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