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Fabien Levieux Hennessy brand ambassador

What’s the best way to drink Hennessy?

Hennessey is best taken with friends and however you like it. For me, I usually take it with three big ice cubes, give it a swirl and it’s good to go.

What advice would you give someone who has never tried this cognac?

If you’re a first timer, don’t try it neat; you might be snubbed by the power of the alcohol and the strength the flavours have to offer.

How long have you been a Hennesy brand ambassador?

I educate people about the history and culture of the alcohol.  I have been in the cognac world for 20 years now, six of them with Hennessey. The whole experience has been fun — travelling the world, meeting different people and interacting is part of a fun job.

What are your thoughts on cognac and food pairing?

Food pairing is a whole other dynamic; we are barely scratching the surface.  When it comes to cognac and food, use a spice. Take a bite of the food, then follow it down with a drop of the cognac and see how it multiplies the flavours.

Who is your target clientele? 

Hennessey is an art of living; it’s about good people coming together for good food, a good drink and great company.

That is the perfect cocktail. Everybody in the bracket that loves life is our friend.

The Kenyan market is evolving but lacks knowledge on alcoholic varieties such as cognacs. How can you help?

Challenges are there for sure, but what I would like to share is that the more you know about something the more you like it. Appreciation grows. In Europe, cognac has been enjoyed for 250 years.  Europeans more have more cognac background than people in Africa but the African market is growing fast.  It’s also the 21-st century and — thanks to social media — news spreads faster. So we can say we are confident that in the next 25 years, the Kenyan market will be completely different resulting to Hennessey being big here.

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