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Travel hacks this coming holiday

1. Plan ahead

Planning ahead will help foot the fares and hotel charges way in advance. You will also have enough time to schedule your work leave or close shop or also, factor in the rest of the family if you have one. A year in advance wouldn’t hurt if it is a vacation trip.

2. Find out as much as possible about your destination

If you are visiting place for the first time, with or without ties there, it is safer to know the place for yourself. Find out the means of communication, transport facilitation, the weather, money procedures (if you need to spend a little bit more), laws you need to be aware of, hospitals, etc. Also, look out for shops with discounts and coincide your spree with such offers.

3. Have a backup plan

As with life, vacations don’t always turn out what we expect. Thus it is always wise to have a plan B. Be flexible for uneventualities. Check out other hotels from your area of interest, or even better, have different locations — you never know.

4. Use travel applications to compare with agencies

Travel apps are the universe’s gift to man. They have made travel more personal — whereby you no longer have to depend on agencies to get your travel plans right. After you get the low-down from your travel agencies, take a few more minutes and compare them with the different apps. They just might save you a few coins.

5. Pack necessities

If you are out to save a little and live a bit more, pack as much as possible. From heavy to light wear to even prescription drugs. It’s the best way to ensure you don’t incur expenses that could have been otherwise avoided.  Pack everything you could possibly imagine you’d need and avoid buying things overseas, unless you are clearly out to splurge.

6. Have your documents ready

Don’t give into the last-minute  rush. Ensure all your affairs are in order from your travel documents, insurance and proof of work documents. They save you the time and give you more ease. Also, the satisfaction that comes with knowing everything is mapped out makes the trip more enjoyable.

7. Find alternative accommodation

Try a boutique hotel, Airbnb or even a vacation home if you have a whole party in tow. They are cheaper and you get a just like home feeling, which is what a vacation should be.

8. Eat out

Hit the town and indulge in some local cuisines. Don’t just grab your meals at the hotel’s restuarants. It makes the experience more wholesome, not to mention, you’ll learn more about the people’s culture. This will also save you a bit of cash as hotel charges, especially in cases of half-board can be a bit hefty.

9. Ensure you can get cancellation coverage

Things as I stated earlier do not always go according to plan. Check with hotels and ticketing agencies to ensure they are flexible in case of last-minute changes. Sometimes, it is not always possible to reverse air or train tickets, and that could lead to quite a financial blow.

10. Target off peak season

If you’re looking at buget travel, off-peak season is   the right time to hit the road. Not only is it less crowded, but the price is just right.