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Some issues go deeper than marriage certificates

You’re one of those chaps who live for pork delicacies, especially after a long Friday night. You and your long dera, checked shorts or one of those Kenya uniform polo shirts with humongous polo labels on the side for the men (hangover starter pack) walk into these butchery. Clean cuts butcheries, you wouldn’t mind walking in barefoot.

Armed with sins of last night (hangover) you demand for your favourite, pork. And everyone stops what they’re doing to take a good look at you. You could swear you bought pork sometime back. You’re offended, but hey their business their rules. New management. Muslim owned. Turns out you missed the Halal memo at the entrance. When you walk into this butchery again, you know well, but to ask for pork. The values embedded are business owned. Their butchery, their religion, their business.

No different from hotels. So, mheshimiwa went ballistic over denied access to a hotel that strictly admits married couples with proof of marriage certificates. Her protest? The hotel had no business poking into whatever business they had there. No doubt, the hotel had no business whatsoever with whatever business the two were planning. They just happen to have their rules and regulations.

If the hotel failed to notify the clients on terms of admission before booking them in, then breach of contract it is, haki yetu it is. If otherwise, then we need to stop crying foul already. This discrimination against women is developing wrinkles no anti-aging cream can cure. I mean addressing a press conference over such was an embarrassment to serious women who fought for girl-child liberation. It’s an embarrassment to feminism if these are the kind of issues our Women Reps’ deem important. We know you don’t walk with your marriage certificates, so drop Sunshine Hotel and let the sun shine on them the best way they know how. Walk to the next Sodom and Gomorrah, if Sunshine is paradise.

But if I were to balance on mheshmiwa’s heels, we’d book different rooms (rules and regulations well in mind) then sneak up on each other for prayers. I’m sure they don’t restrict praying hours. Maybe catch up on a few hymns and praise and worship if time allowed. But well, maybe the mheshimiwa in her thought was immune and admissible to any property she so pleased. Whatever happened, the world would never know. Well, she might have been wrong branding it a ‘national disaster’, but to shape up a rotten society won’t start with demanding for marriage certificates…the marriage institution issues go deeper than that.

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