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Bulk up your calves and shin

Lower legs and especially shins are among the most ignored parts of the body during strength training, with only casual attention given to the calves. You may have spotted someone with well-developed calves bulged on toothpick shins. Both women and men suffer from this imbalance.

For you to successfully develop your lower leg, you must exercise your tibialis anterior ─ the long, narrow muscle in the anterior compartment of the lower leg where the shin sits and strengthening this muscle can make the difference between skinny lower legs and strong, shapely lower legs.

Resistance band flexes

Resistance bands are an effective tool for strengthening many muscles in your body, including your tibialis anterior. Wrap one end of a resistance band around the arch of your foot. Secure the opposite end to a fixed object facing the front of your body. Sit on the floor or on the edge of a chair with your legs straight, flat on the floor. Flex the balls of your feet toward your body, then toward the fixed object away from your body.

Jump rope and jog Warm-Up

Skipping ropes are affordable, but also effective for shin. Do not jump higher than necessary to clear the rope. First do repetitions with two feet, then jump on just one foot for 10 to 15 repetitions and then jump on the other. Jump on alternating feet, then reverse the rope and jump backward. End your warm-up routine with three to five minutes of jogging.

Reverse calf raises

Reverse calf raises of any type will work the tibialis anterior. If you want to build the calves to their fullest potential, you must include calf muscle exercises that work each of the three major muscle groups listed above.

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