There’s nothing I like about Afro Nightclub!

If your plan for the night is to buy a bottle of whisky and get so blind drunk that you don’t care about the music, then Afro Nightclub is where you need to be. The location itself is a great turnoff for me; keep in mind it was home to former Skyluxx Lounge and Sting Bar. The club with zero panache is situated in the heart of Westlands on Sonia Lane to be specific, and nothing about the club makes me giggle.

First, the services are just annoying and super slow. Every time I thought about its opening, I thought this would be the club for me and this is what Westlands needed, but alas! The décor is still the same as the previous club; it’s just the name and entrance that changed. If you’re a guy, be in the company of girls, otherwise you won’t get in. If you’re a girl, don’t go alone, but go as a group. There are also a group of rowdy guys who can’t get in and they will latch onto you like a leech just for entry.

Unless you’re a woo girl who will only drink whisky and bottles of champagne then you’re in your element. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing, but later in the night, you’ll realise that there are creepy men who keep going around the club in search of hookups. That’s a turn off for sure.

The services are also just so pathetic; the waiters are slow such that you’ll end up going to the counter to get your own drink. The prices are not so bad though, with beers ranging from Sh300 to Sh600. However, for a bottle of whisky or wine, you will end up coughing more than Sh10,000. Honestly, this is a club that needs good management if it wants to make its way into Nairobi’s niche nightlife market.

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