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Strawberry Majito

Baobox, a chill spot on the 8th floor of the Pramukh Towers off Westlands Road, is a crowd puller, not just because of the board games and hot meals they serve, but also because of their delicious tipples. It is the place you will find admen, a few journo types and sadistic people like me who like hanging out and calling our friends losers all in the spirit of competitive board games. You have been warned. The drinks here are quite affordable, something that belies their lethal punch. We set out to find out how one of my favourite drinks to look at, and on occasion to drink, is prepared. Behold, the strawberry mojito.

Dafine Ochieng’, who has been a mixologist at Baobox since its inception in December last year, was more than glad to help us out.

Daff, only his friends call him that, is dexterous and has quite some bar tricks up his sleeves, from the twirl with the bottle up in the air to the heart stopping sport of juggling glasses. His is an inspiring story of a man who loves challenges, as he believes they inspire growth. He used to wait tables, but decided he wanted a bigger challenge, therefore switched to mixing people’s favourite poisons. He has been doing it for almost a year now, and he is honing his skills with the hopes of competing in the World Class Bartenders, an annual competition that sees a competitor from each country including Kenya fight for the honours of being the top mixologist in the whole world.

If the strawberry mojito was anything to go by, he is well on his way to making his dreams come true. Here’s the recipe for the mojito I swear by. After all, the classic mojito is so 2000s.

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