Turquoise planet of magic

have to be honest here; the only gaming park I know of and, believably, what most people know is the famous Lunar Park. Little did I know I was still stuck in the medieval. If you haven’t been to Two Rivers, it is one of the biggest malls we have around and everything high-end is over there.

How I came to know about Two River’s Magic Planet was through a friend’s status on WhatsApp. The mall is about 20 minutes from Nairobi CBD and it’s accessible either by public or private means. It was love at first sight, I must say. I felt like a little child all over again. The colours were phenomenal. I have played games before, but rarely while inside an arcade.

At Magic Planet, there are various types of games including video, redemption, skill and console games. There are also rides and soft games for the very little children. My personal favourite was Japanese console games, especially the Hatsune Miku. If you are a fan of Japanese anime, then you will enjoy this. There’s no pricing per game, however, the arcade offers packages that range between Sh1,500 and Sh10,000.

I was also interested in the music rhyming games and I found them easy to navigate as well. My other favourite would be racing games, but I have to tell you when you are in a games arcade, don’t play games that you can play at home. You won’t get the thrill.

The other section was for children and had a lot of ‘Disney’ stuff. If you are taking your young one, they’ll enjoy the car and pony rides as well as the soft games. I am not the type of girl who’s fascinated by ‘Disney’, and since I didn’t have a child in tow, I skipped that section. You can save the cash; the section is not all that.

I’ve actually never won anything before, so when I tried the candy factory game, I won a candy bar. I actually won something! It’s not the only merchandising game, but there is Bling King, Prize Cube and Colour Match as well. Chances are, you can win something with those games. Another hit game is the music rhythm, where you get three songs per session. I can say you get value for money.

The Virtual Reality zone is insane! But you’ll have to have extra cash on you because you would want to go more and more. It was cooler than I had imagined. I watched some horror clips and it got so scary. This section is insanely realistic, but you can easily get sick if you don’t have the guts.

At Magic Planet, the clientele is usually young people, and sometime, tourists flock this place in their dozens. The place is less crowded on weekdays; therefore, there are plenty of games to try out over such a time. If you are down to rack up some billiards or play arcade games, this is definitely the place for you.

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