Naivasha has Masada… and more

part from WiFi, top of the list when one chooses to travel, is usually accessibility to the destination and means of transport. What I loved about Masada Hotel in Naivasha is that we did not struggle to find it; it was exactly by the road, only a few metres from the main highway.

It was on a hot Saturday and from Nairobi CBD, it took us about an hour to get to Naivasha town and about five minutes to the hotel, which is located on Southern Beach Road. We got some warm reception and the ambiance at the waiting bay was relaxing. Tired as we were, the indoor swimming pool was beckoning. It was about six o’clock in the evening and dinner wasn’t being served for another hour and a half. So, my colleague and I decided to take a dive as soon as we had settled in.

The rooms were sparkling clean and mine overlooked the wild side. I didn’t get to see any wild animal that night, but I could tell the animals often find their way to the hotel’s perimeter wall.

The following morning, we got a chance to explore Lake Naivasha. You get a guide if you need one; otherwise there are signs on the walks that indicate where you shouldn’t terminate your strolls. We didn’t get a guide and yes, we just went right past the safety signboard. On our way there, we noticed trees that had been broken by wild animals, and some of the animals’ poop was also fresh. The hippos were just lying on the shores of the lake, you could literally touch one if you had a stick, but we didn’t get close enough though to do that, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this.

From a far, you could see the buffalos and a breed of antelopes called bushbucks. A few vervet monkeys could be spotted on the rooftops, but they hardly interacted with humans. By the end of the day, we had seen a few animals, took a dip in the pool and even visited Masada’s sister hotel called Sweet Lake.

Dinner was being served. We had the choice to order straight off the menu, or serve ourselves from the buffet. We chose the latter. During dinner and breakfast, people serve and sit at a common dining area. After dinner, a few people chose to go to the bar, while others just went back to their rooms. The bar had a mature vibe to it. Here, you’d chose to add the bill to your stay or just buy a drink and head back to your room.

During our stay at Masada, we bumped into a group of people that was there for a conference. They had access to the conference rooms and the play area that features a children’s playground and a few things for team building activities. We left on Sunday, soon after breakfast. Since we had used public means to go there, we opted for it on our way back. The only problem was that the Southern Beach Road has specific matatus that may take a while to come to your rescue. However, you can always use a motorbike or organise to be picked up by a taxi. All in all, our stay here was splendid!

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