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Which is your latest gadget?

Samsung Galaxy A8.

What do you love in it?

I’ve always been an android fan just because I find it user friendly. The A8 has a stable Operating System and lots of memory space. And after Steve Jobs died, I left the Apple cult.

How does it help you as a radio and TV presenter?

I get a lot of emails and take a lot of videos and pictures and it handles them perfectly.

What is the must-have gadget for anybody working or desiring to work in broadcast media?

I’d really think in this day and age, a good phone is a must. You can do literally everything on your phone because you can write scripts there, film an event or even record audio. Many journalists produce stories on their phone. I actually want to try that with this one.

What’s your worst gadget ever and why?

There was a home theatre I once bought whose design looked really good, but that same design would allow dust onto the laser scanner and I had to keep taking it back to the service point for fixing.

Which is your most expensive gadget and how much did it cost?

My most expensive gadget is actually a Timberland outdoor watch that my wife bought for me. I know it was really expensive cause she’s never told me the price! Hahaa…

Which gadget do you use the most and why?

My phone. I think that’s the gadget everyone uses the most, no? But being in the media, you’re in constant communication with so many people and I guess that’s why.

Which app do you use mostly on your phone and why?

An android TV box because Power, the TV series, airs this Sunday. Can’t miss it!

The gadget you can’t live without and why?

Surprisingly, I’m not attached to any of them. I can do without them all, but maybe the Timberland watch.

While shopping for gadgets, do you look for brands or its output?

I’m a specs guy; never into brands. I compare specs and whatever has better specs is what I take. Plain and simple.

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