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Vihiga MCAs decry wife battering

Vihiga Women Members of  County Assembly (MCAs) led by Sally Inonda (Nominated) have raised alarm over rising cases of wife battering in the county.

Some of the cases, they said, have resulted in serious physical injuries, disability while some have even turned fatal.

Speaking to the press in Vihiga county, the MCAs said no serious legal action is taken against men who subject women to brutality, thus encouraging the vice.

Instead, they said, the cases are mostly solved at family or community level by elders or local administrators.

“We have high cases of wife battering in Vihiga county which are not reported to the authorities for legal action. Women are beaten and seriously harmed by their men but they suffer in silence. The cases are solved casually hence promoting the vice,” said Inonda.

P3 Forms

The MCAs said some women fail to report battery cases to the police because they do not have money to obtain P3 Forms and meet medical expenses.

Other victims  do not report the cases to the police because they have been threatened by their attackers, said the MCAs.

They also urged men to use proper ways of solving domestic conflicts with their wives instead of resorting to violence.

The county reps pledged to conduct forums in the county where women will be sensitised about their rights in a bid to reduce cases of domestic violence.