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Kenyan-born American to launch special needs facility in Murang’a county

In a country where education system is ill-equipped to support learners with disabilities and special needs according to a recent joint report by Kenya Institute of Special Education and the Ministry of Education, a Kenyan born American will on Saturday be launching a facility in Kenol, Murang’a County which aims at countering the hustles and bustles that less privileged children go through in their education journey.

Cate Mburu who is the president of Cate Hope Foundation said that time has come for underprivileged children to be embraced by the society since majority of them don’t pursue rightful education over lack of financial support and even necessities such as food to sustain them.

Mburu who has been offering support to the less privileged for more than 10 years now said that the facility will host 200 children who will benefit from education, shelter and food until they become of age.

“We cannot continue enjoying life while our brothers and sisters from other parents suffer. We have a collective responsibility to upholding humanity and this, as Cate Hope Foundation have committed to endeavor in,” she said.

“In order to best enjoy the little that God has given us, we have a call to humanity and we need to show love to those really deserve.  This way, we will be strengthening our cultural and economic integration perfectly,” she added.

Speaking during her tour at Sabasaba in Maragua Constituency where she donated wheel chairs, food and medicine to residents, Mburu urged the both levels of government to embrace charitable initiatives and even purpose to support them.

She reiterated that unless the government through elected leaders have goodwill and embrace community development, the country will not grow and the money meant for helping the needy and the entire community will continue benefiting individuals.

She lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta’s goodwill in fighting the corruption saying that diaspora Kenyans were willing to invest back in the country in a bid to further strengthen the country’s cultural and economic integration.

“As long as our money which we donate to the needy persons in Kenya is properly utilized, we are ready to heavily invest in this nation to better its cultural and economic integration because we all love our home country,” she said.

The humanitarian American revealed that she will gang friends in the diaspora to contribute towards opening similar facilities in other counties once the one to be launched at Kenol in Murang’a county on Saturday peaks.

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