Drama as Nakuru residents disrupt teenager’s funeral

Roy Lumbe

Drama ensued at a funeral of a 14-year-old boy at the Nakuru South cemetery yesterday, after some residents invaded the function, accusing the family of refusing to seek medical attention and opting for prayers, which they suspect led to his death.

The family, according to neighbours, worships at Kanitha Wa Ngai; a church which  allegedly does not believe in members seeking medical treatment in hospital.

It also emerged that the boy is the seventh child the family has lost in similar circumstances. 

Anthony Thiong’o, a resident of Mzee Wanyama in Pipeline said the family has been locking up children in the house when they fall sick and praying for their healing.

“They don’t believe in going to hospital. Once they die they take them to the morgue which is illogical,” said Thiongo. The boy was finally laid to rest after an intervention from members of the public.

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