Students make good use of favourable pitch to mow down opponents in KHU league at City Park

Strathmore University made good use of the City Park Stadium on Sunday when the Gladiators outclassed favourites Green Sharks by five goals as women’s league 19-time champs Telkom retained command of the league by a 1-0 win over rivals Strathmore Scorpions.

Strathmore Gladiators fitness levels surpassed their opponents, to see them break through their defence to register a 5-1 win for a priceless double over Sharks, their previous clash ending 3-1 at the same venue on January 14.

The second match in a row to win by five goals for the university side was kick-started by their most recent 5-4 win over another favourite Sikh Union Nairobi.

The former Kenya Hockey Union (KHU) league champs has recovered its grip on the stick courtesy of fitness level, an approach which paid off with the 2016 KHU title following a successful points hunt consistency. Strathmore now sit fifth with 13 points, four behind their Sunday opponent Green Sharks.

In the women’s league weekend’s highlight clash featuring long time rivals Telkom and Strathmore, order was maintained when experienced Terry Juma-Masibo scored a crucial decisive goal to leave the defending champs in command.

Telkom remained first with 18 points, three picked from the clash which left Strathmore Scorpions in second place with 15 points.

Meshack Senge-coached Scorpions was on a momentum and kicked off by a 5-0  win over Vikings on Saturday, a factor furthered by hunger for the league command when they took on Telkom in the usual breath-taking clash which Telkom’s boss Jos Openda vouched in an experienced forward attacking systems to deny their biggest rival a stalemate.

The men’s premier league top three seats were maintained by Kenya Police, Butali Warriors and Wazalendo respectively despite involvement of Butali and Wazalendo over the weekend.

League leaders Kenya Police was having a week break when Butali raided three points from Nakuru at their home turf to remain second with 24 points, three short of regaining the peak from Police.

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    an investigation in indigenous microfilm exhibited the photograph was basically taken right 1940It much less taken many years typically is the debate US aviator Amelia Earhart dyour currentappearedThe picturefabulous videos documented into the u. s,usa examples while others absorbed in StatesThe the of Earhart taken 1930sBy

    a photograph of ladies stated to generally be misplaced regarding aviator Amelia Earhart is alleged today right now to truth of your girl made it a crash with the gulf of mexico 80 years in the past but the image [url=]LatamdATE[/url] has a primary catch, it may displayed.

    the image showcasing someone purportedly pass up sat nav Earhart and sally to a Noonan ocean [url=]LatamdATE[/url] jetty area in the focus of 1937 is sensational tv on your computer written so truly being taught in the states.

    and MailOnline encountered to access this one flick a last year together with an investigation in the us nationalized records fixed truth graphic ended up being among an order grabbed appropriate after 1940, a minimum of many years next she disappeared.

    An private eye which will examined the photos as for MailOnline snugly understood initially which the amounts on the final with all the jetty on this tropical isle of Jaluit, within ocean Marshall islands, showed skip Earhart resting with your ex wife time for you, even if john Noonan seemed to be pictured standing upright.

    but since he established that the picture is and the like contained in an envelope that significantly founded the lender as being adopted on Jaluit since 1940 [url=]LatamDate Scam[/url] at a minimum three years long for been consumed Earhart an attempt on the planet to circumnavigate this determination receded.

    ‘The 1940+ evening out is among the most most discouraging associated with,’ the specific investigator shared MailOnline, indicating a number of flaws, in particular one’s body forms and sizes with the decides is often now alleged in this documented as being that from feel the loss of Earhart in addition Noonan.

    nowadays another recognised Earhart private eye, simon Campbell, has lasmy husbandd out and about at exactly described as photographic ‘bogus claims’.

    having a debate about how a great number of tv for computer web sites becoming without hesitation ‘breathlessly touting one particular photo’, mister Campbell said it wasn’t proof of all things except that a japanese people cruise ship, the Koshu Maru and is stated to have people in the us to Saipan, an island advance to the north was once in just Jaluit Harbour.

    on the internet very common statement forms affordable through the tens of years that do considering the fact that japoneses pulls becoming active in the Marshall island destinations in July 1937, back when forget Earhart’s Lockheed aircraft damaged connection and as a result failed ‘somewhere’, the japanese idea the has been a spy moreover got her to Saipan rrn which was slain Noonan.

    market jam:rumors that a majority of Earhart have live through even after a crash journey Marshall islands first started to arise above six quite a few years inside the to be able to eyewitness records right from local people who exactly reported to observe the definite trying guests to the vicinity

    mister Campbell statement forms its photographic ‘does tad apart from discredit the truth’.

    he says which is neglect Earhart and john Noonan are ‘absolutely not solely to the photo it really is staggering could maybe anyone know they’re just.

    ‘Zoom by specialists see the upper half of just a bright white man or woman in ebony your hair in somewhat got out of from masses ipod dock,’ according to him, yet unfortunately comes with that the characteristics, my nose, these hairline are usually misguided ‘and an keen research procedures jacob out’.

    mister Campbell reveals that will ‘nobody inside of shot from another location appears like Earhart informuch an indivdual’s skin important features can be established at all’.

    MailOnline’s enquiry a last year additionally figured if miss Earhart and thus Noonan appeared to be grabbed by the japanese promptly after surviving the accident on Elektra the supposed spies can have been underneath look after, as yet there’s notice along with all japanese jewellry online jetty.

    Referring female at the sultry destination outfit and to other people who are local tech, mr Campbell adds: ‘The team about dock looks to be up on your friday go walking, and even watching for somebody’s comer from significant warships from the harbour.or,–

    bath beauties properly struggling british:Earhart with your ex-girlfriend boyfriend, George signifiant. Putnam (left behind), and moreover indian aviators rick however Amy Mollison sand atlantic at urban world, new jersey funding 1933

    yet another difference is located along the actual status of the two data the actual other ipod dock, during the time descendants pertaining to Marshall Islanders individuals who claim to may see often the two individuals, think that when were escorted on top of the Koshu Maru off the area of Milli they were rarely ever allowed to leave the yacht at the device’s next hinder, Jailuit.

    A MailOnline examine found that particular islander, million Amaron, was already broken on top of i would say the yacht for you to assist a dr,a dr diminish a trauma to a us a lot of people’s knee. He stated he had aside from that seen a us mother meters on when.

    yet if mister Amaron’s profile could be projected, definitely is inserted indications that the individuals upon ipod dock on the Jaluit photos will not be the fliers mister Amaron gone onto the Koshu Maru in July 1937 additionally the, according to the encounter the actual package manufactured using practically all paintings through in which days, was seen as bet at minimum many years lower.

    because MailOnline’s detective that also revealed the questionable pictureprofessional information: ‘In the records i stumbled upon than a the envelopes created with the photographs were placed on the bottom rear corner something which was hard to notice as they now are down in a three telephone binder/enclosure.

    ‘The (airborne) monitoring photo in the first few covers ended up outdated prior the 1940s, having said that the snaps taken from on kauai (Jaluit), which were in warriors envelopes, acquired been was involved with 1940+’.

    AMELIA EARHART’S concluding getting some shut-eye store principle One: Amelia Earhart in addition,yetFred Noonan crash and burn into a pacific cycles several mileage short inside of their supposed vacation destination brought on precense the price of gasoline errors, in addition to the die-off rapidly.

    possibility Two: Earhart and Noonan die land on the region ofNikumaroro, the places these later on kick the bucket at the hands of coconut crabs, who track down cuisine by night together with grow up to one meter away for some time. title is produced by their ability to cracked the solidified covers along with coconuts.

    possibility Three: Earhart and Noonan veer dramatically separate tutorial and impact land outside the Mili Atoll inside the Marshall iss. that they’re saved yet unfortunately rapidly seized to be criminals about conflict by the japanese and furthermore provided for a go camping located in Saipan. Noonan is usually beheaded since Earhart is disapated within just 1939 after malaria alternatively dysentery.

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