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Was my mboch seducing my hubby under my nose?

It was the first thing I noticed of Yvette when she arrived at my place. She wore a skirt alright, but there was nothing decent about it. Anyone could see through to what she wore underneath. I let it slide thinking she was not aware and secretly appreciated having a full-view mirror in my house. “She will probably see how she looks and change her looks, I hoped. She didn’t.

We moved from wearing skirts to flaunting tights. I could not help, but notice how she swayed while walking around. She made me stop and stare, yet we all know I’m straight as an arrow. I should have stopped her in her tracks at this point, but in my mind I thought my husband wouldn’t notice. After all, we have been together 10 years and not once have we have any problems… but neither did we have a girl such as Yvette!

Building up a fire

She graduated from tights and long tee-shirts to crop tops and tight pants. This began when she came back from her day off one Sunday. I was taken aback and when I asked, if she bought the clothes, she said she got them from her brother’s house. They were skimpy, but all my alarms were on mute. I asked my husband if he saw any cause for alarm, but like any other good husband, he would never want to make me uncomfortable. He said no, but had he known it would turn around against him, he would have said otherwise.

Out the door

One day, I discovered a rather sour relationship between my husband and Yvette. Each time I complained about her, he asked me to let her go, and I wondered why he would be quick to release her.  “She is good with the baby,” I protested and held on to her. I had all the signs I needed to let her go, but I didn’t. When she finally accused my husband of making advances at her, I took one look at her mini dress, smiled and flaring inside, I asked her to immediately pack up and leave. I could not believe I didn’t see this coming.