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One on one with William Otieno Wycliffe, popularly known as The Luo Trap

William Otieno Wycliffe, popularly known as The Luo Trap, has given rise to a unique and eclectic sound, combined with poetic and energetic flows. The vernacular independent rapper from South C, speaks with Alfayo Onyango

When did The Luo Trap come to fruition?

Two years ago, I decided this is the birth of something new. I took it to the stage for the first time, and it was at Kata Festival in Impala Grounds, which worked out well for me. I told my producer, Al’Capaul, that this is what we are going to push forward officially henceforth. Before I would just rap in Dhuluo language, put my catalogues together, but not as The Luo Trap, I went with the alias, Wyzle William.

You’ve had cosigns in the game from Madtraxx and South Africa’s DJ Maphorisa. Have you ever met Maphorisa before, and worked on anything?

I met Maphorisa at Coke Studio Africa last year through a friend, had a chance to chill with him and play him my songs, which he liked and even reposted. He gave me some advice on how to manoeuvre in the music industry, so generally I just took it all in. On having any worked together, everything is timing, so you just have to stay tuned as we drop material.

You seem to have a connection South Africa, what is your relationship with the place?

That’s where the business is (jokes). Six years ago, I was signed to a label in South Africa through a connection. I grew a fan base, worked on projects, and when my deal was done, I returned to my motherland to pursue my own solo career and fast forward, The Luo Trap is now here.

How long have you been doing the music?

Ten years. I’m now doing it because it’s part of my life and who I am. Besides that, I’m an artist, I paint. I am also an interior designer, so I’ve been grinding through art for the longest.

Last year alone, you released six projects. Your ethic is commendable. Right now you’ve dropped two albums. Tell us more.

The first album dropped June 25 and the second, a fortnight ago. All are currently available on My Mookh digital platform for purchase. The first one is titled En Kaka En, which means ‘It is what it is’. It is a 10-track compilation by my favourite producers: Billions and Deryque, and has no features, as well as me mixing it and mastering it myself. I will drop videos for select tracks, stay posted. And my second album is titled GBTLT, which is God Bless The Luo Trap — this is my third official album as The Luo Trap, and it’s all about returning the love I’ve been getting for The Luo Trap.

You represent South C like the legendary Kenyan rapper, the late E-Sir. Do you draw any inspiration from the place?

I grew up in the E-sir era. We played ball at Halai estate, and he is easily the reason I wanted to make music. We even spoke from time to time, and that is a huge influence for why I am the way you see me today.

Any dream collaborations you would love for The Luo Trap?

Akothee, Sarkodie, Ricky Rick and Future. I love how Akothee is spreading vernacular, her investment and independence. Internationally, Future is my idol because he makes music for every occasion.

Where do you see the local music industry in five years?

It’s going to be very serious. Music labels, independent artistes winning, the best trap scene will be from here — it’s worth living for right now.

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