Is it too soon to start a new relationship?

How long should you wait to start a new relationship after a break-up? How can you be sure that your new relationship is based on love and not desperation? To avoid making a relationship mistake too soon after a break-up, watch out for the following signs.

If you find yourself spending all your time and energy in the new relationship without giving the relationship time to evolve, you may soon run into relationship trouble. Moving too fast in a new relationship may mean that you are using this new relationship to escape the pain and the healing process that is necessary to enable you to move on and let go of your ex. This is, especially so if the new relationship is based on sex alone and not spending quality time, getting to know each other better.

If you spend too much time thinking and talking about your just-ended relationship, this is a bad sign. Even if you are only focusing on the bad stuff, it could indicate that you have not gotten over your ex. Talking too much about your ex during dates with your new love is destructive. No one wants to listen to their sweetheart talking non-stop about an ex.

Even if your new catch seems different from your ex, don’t be fooled into thinking that this fact will make the new relationship better. Every new partner comes with unique blessings, and unique challenges. Get to know your new partner well, including their strengths and weakness before making major decisions about the relationship.

After the break-up, give yourself time to heal. Avoid jumping into a relationship with the next person who smiles at you. Don’t rush things in your new relationship, give it time to grow naturally.

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