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Dear Obama; they named a ‘university mwitu’ after you!

Wonders shall never cease! So with this kid on the block going by the name Barrack Obama University in the United States of Kiambu! The first time I heard of it I actually assumed it’s the father school to United States International University (Usiu-Africa) only to find out later that I was a university mwitu which was closed down sometime back before it was even opened!

I am always amazed at how some Kenyan universities are named. Looking beyond the seas, there are university names that hold prestige. Talk of Cambridge, Oxford. Havard….names that you shall always feel proud mentioning in public.  Now how on earth am I supposed to explain to my grandchildren that I got my degree at Kabianga, Masters at Inoorero University and PhD at Barrack Obama! The kids will look at me perturbed trying to understand how grandpa graduated from a barracks, but wasn’t at the military.

I’m left to wonder, if these Usiu kids never give us peace with their artificially induced American accent what would this Barrack Obama university breed?! “I’m Cah-roh-lyne Nyah-go-thyeeee from Buh-Rack Oh-bumah”. Wait till, they start posing at the school gate where the school’s name is engraved taking pictures and you will see uploads on social media “Chilling out with the American president. Had mad fun!” These people would get the school’s invitation letter and we would never get peace on how the latter is “going abroad to study!” Kiambu would have been renamed to Key-uhm-boo! Wait till you hear dudes flirting “Girl, Stay with me. I don’t want to be Obama-self.”

I guess the school motto could have been “Yes, we can” . What would they have named the offices of the students’ council? White house? What would the hostels be called? Nevada mens’ hostel? You lead a strike here you are branded Osama.

Too bad the party ended before it even started. The campus was closed down before it even opened! That should be the quickest closedown. So for the time being those craving to be foreigners can stick to USIU where I hear besides this harsh weather, some are going around in vests because it’s sunny in Washington. Meanwhile, our ‘foreign’ university mwitu will have to remain closed pending legal action. On the good side, Kiambu can now boast of the presence of an American president in their vicinity so they don’t have to worry when Obama gets too busy to personally visit their county. I wonder, does our hometown American  know that he owns an “illegal” university in Kenya?

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