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Junk food is not good for pregnancy

Eating too much junk food could result in difficulty in getting pregnant within a year. This is according to a study from Australia.

According to the study, infertility- not being able to conceive within 12 months – was two times higher among women who ate fast food at least  four times in a week. Further, they conceived on average, one month after those who did not eat junk food. In addition, time taken to conceive was also affected by fruit intake.

Those who took three to four fruits a day for instance, reduced their time of conception by two weeks compared to those who ate fruits a few times in a month.  The study that was conducted in four countries; UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand encourages a diet less in junk food and more fruits per day pre-pregnancy.

Today fast food has become rather popular and accessible. In the fast-paced city and working life, fast food is quite convenient. But if you are thinking about having a baby, then junk food is just not for you. Interestingly in the West where women are particularly cutting down on sugar, there has been a lot of incorrect information that has resulted in decreased fruit intake as part of the low sugar diet.

The correct information is that fruits are not in the same category as soft drinks or added sugar. It is, especially important to have a healthy diet as we plan for pregnancy that includes a wide variety and adequate fruits.

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