Changes in government

President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday made wide-ranging changes in government which saw some exits, shake-ups and new entrants.

At the heart of such changes is invariably the dictates of enhanced service delivery, promotion of national unity and cohesion while tapping into talents that energise government  functions.

Kenyans must have been particularly elated with the appointment of the country’s first woman to the   rank of Major General.   

Every political competition in recent years have had the impact of fracturing the country along tribal lines. Whereas the Jubilee Party had politically mainstreamed diverse ethnic groups, we still had significant proportion whose political loyalty lay elsewhere, further dredging suspicions, inflaming animosity and diverting focus from development agenda.

This, the President recognised as being untenable in the light of new goals he had set as he served his last term. The crafting of  the Big Four  agenda and realisation of Vision 2030 requires harmony and Kenyans pulling together.

Universal healthcare, adequate housing, industrialisation to curb unemployment and ensuring food security are pillars that call for commonness in approach. This must mean  tackling threats such as ethnicity and waywardness such as graft.

We  hope that those picked or shuffled will endeavour to  catalyse the achievement of the Big Four for a country well on its way to middle-income economy.

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