Brewed in the room, by experts

It is a rainy dreary evening. The rain catches us in Westlands, but we make our way to Galleria Mall on Lang’ata Road to try out a bistro and club that has been in existence for around nine months now. We park in the drizzling rain at the mall’s parking area, right outside the big lit signage that blinks neon reading ‘Brew Tap Room’.

An attendant with an open umbrella, who offers to help us park and even walk us in, meets us. He guides us to the bistro’s entrance where we are frisked for security purposes before being enveloped in the familiar brewing barley smell and the humdrum of drunken conversations and sober conversations, which are working their way to halfway and full on drunkenness.

There is plenty of room to sit. You can sit at the bar with high bar stools in the open area with candlelit tables and gas lamps for warmth, or you can make your way upstairs for some intimate sitting and literal shoulder rubbing distance from the deejay. We obviously choose the upstairs setting.

What follows is quintessential Brew Bistro hospitality, the one you can identify with if you go to the Ngong Road branch, which like old wine, grows more charming with age, much unlike their younger sister in another suburb where if you toss a coin in the air, you hit either a gay person or a wannabe or both. And there is nothing wrong with that and I have no issue with it. And yes, I do toss a lot of my coins in the air. You are all lucky they are not those big cornered five bob coins; otherwise guys would have had concussions and killed me by now.

But I digress. I celebrate my birthday here for the umpteenth time and come every so often to twerk in the upstairs and rub shoulders with the DJ, so he can play my jams. I like this place; I therefore do not toss any coins up in the air here. Maybe you should also pop in for the craft beer. This place is all thumbs up!

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