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What is your latest gadget?

Samsung Galaxy S7, I bought it sometime ago and I like the experience thus far. The camera, android operating system and sleekness are among many other things that make it the best for me.

What was your first gadget?

It was a Siemens phone. I cannot remember the model number, since it was long ago. I don’t even remember how or when it disappeared or even how I had acquired it. But comparing it with what we have today, that phone looked like a joke.

What gadgets can’t you do without?

That must be my Pioneer deejay equipment and my MacBook Pro. This is my office and my main hustle. I would be in so much agony if I’d lose any of them because they mean the world to me.

Which other gadget do you desire to go for after the S7?

Next, I am going for BlackBerry Porsche. I just like it, especially the design and it’s functionality.

If you were a gadget, which one would you be?

I would like a gadget that can cook chapatti. You key-in instructions and voila!

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