Sex depletes your intelligence

Smart sports coaches advise and expect their players to keep away from sex before important games. In a documentary, Mike Tyson — the legendary former heavy weight boxer — revealed that at the peak of his career, he was too busy training and knocking people out to have sex. It’s only after the money, fame and, inevitably, women, that it all went a cropper. Even in the Bible, Samson was undefeatable, until he started ‘hanging out’ with some pretty girl.

Sex has always and will likely remain man’s main weakness. There are multi-billion dollar industries built around it and it is for most, the highest joy of life. But sex is often the gleaming cheese on a mousetrap, leaving even happily married men in a powerless situation.

The average ejaculate about five grammes of semen, which contains about 226 million spermatozoa, each one capable of giving life. Every man in a sense, therefore, carries a weapon of mass multiplication. But that explosive procreative power comes at a cost. To make a drop of semen takes up 60 drops of blood, through a time intensive process similar to how oil is refined into high-octane petrol. Food is digested into plasma, then successively into blood, muscle, fat, bone, marrow and finally semen, the essence of vitality. This vitality is visible through bodily strength, intellectually prowess and a beaming youthful lustre.

Seminal discharge involves a sudden withdrawal of calcium, lecithin and other substances vital for the functioning of the nervous system. This violent withdrawal of energy from the body is symptomatic of an epileptic attack and results in a loss of vigour and vitality. The grey matter of the brain contains 17 per cent lecithin and the greater the purity in which lecithin is found, the higher the intelligence and vice versa. When the seminal fluid is conserved, it’s reabsorbed into the bloodstream and sent up the spinal cord into the brain.

The genitals and the brain have an intimate physiological, yet antagonistic connection; greater activity of one leads to decreased activity of the other. Smart men throughout history like Pythagoras and Hippocrates argued for continence and Aristotle described semen as the “most perfected component of our foods.” While the modern world celebrates sexual freedom, it would bode well for a wise man to consider what is in his best interests. Sex is fun no doubt, and important to keep humanity around, but, it’s a waste of a very precious resource.

Unfortunately, contemporary man has been hoodwinked, mainly through the mass media, to think that sex and sexual freedoms are in his best interest. Yet, even women instinctively know that they can wrap a man around their little finger simply by wrapping their legs around him. A woman has convinced many a man during post coital conversation, when their mind and body are at their weakest. Just ask Julius Caesar.

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