Little Wonders: Meet Mr President

Marcella Akinyi 

How old are you and which school do you go to?

My name is John Komwa, I am 11 years old and in Class (Grade) Five at Citam Schools Kiserian in Kajiado county.

How was your childhood like?

I was born and bred in Lomnyakirionok in Turkana county. My parents died when I was an infant, and I never had a chance to feel the warmth of a parent. Some of the challenges I faced at our village were lack of shelter, food, clothing and education caused by poverty, as I lived with my grandmother.

How did you get a chance to go to school?

I was rescued from the village one day when some visitors came to our rural area. They were two men and one woman, one of them being Bishop Boniface Adoyo, who was then the bishop of Nairobi Pentecostal Church (NPC). When they arrived, all the children I was playing with ran towards the car and when they stepped out of the vehicles, the same children ran away, only I remained. When the bishop saw me, he asked me to take him to our home. When we reached, we found my grandmother cooking. They took some pictures and told me that I was going to study in Nairobi. I was so happy about that. They also gave me some gifts.

What did you like about being in school?

I found a new home called Nairobi Pentecostal Church Children Centre, now known as Kiserian Children Centre. This is also where my school is located. Our principal, who has been my great encourager, is called Mr Michael Oduor Ng’ong’a. He has taught us the A to Z of values of living as a child of light, such as having a good attitude, respect, determination, faith in God, and having a noble character. We also have good hardworking and God-fearing teachers, pastors, aunties and uncles.

How were you chosen as the school president?

In January 2018, our school held an election for prefects, instead of teachers hand-picking them. The head boy or girl is called the president, while all the other prefects for various departments are called cabinet secretaries. These days, we hold elections just like the national election process. I was one of the candidates for the presidency of the school and won by many votes, which came mainly from the girls because I am a kind, hardworking, obedient, self-confident and God-fearing boy. My role model is Jesus because of his love for humanity and servant leadership.

Why do you love your school?

It has helped many children like me who are rescued from the street and broken families. At Citam Schools, they put God first. I also learn a lot of values that will help me in life.

Which are your favourite subjects?

My best subject is mathematics because I would like to be a pilot. But, my greatest ambition is to one day become the president of Kenya, so as to make every Kenyan live happily and share resources equally.

Advice to other pupils?

My advice to other children like me is to never give up in life, and to work hard in school to pursue their dream, obey their parents and teachers too. If you are not in school for some unfortunate reasons, just know that God is not done with you. Pray to God to open doors and one day send help your way, so that you can go to school and change your situation and that of your family.

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