Shake that burnout for sustainable profitability

Rose Muthoni

As an entrepreneur, appetite for productivity and thirst for success will drive you, perhaps more than what your doctor would recommend. If you have just started your business, note that success will be pegged on your hard work and zeal, but off course there is also luck. But this also means you are the perfect candidate for burnout.

But you might say that burnout are not your portion, and that you have no time to get tired, here is the the third side of the coin. According to The Entrepreneur magazine, the first and often most difficult step to avoid and overcome burnout is identifying it. Identifying burnouts is often tricky especially because it might not always look like what you might think. However, most people experience burnouts at least once in their life. Some experience it multiple times. Here are some different ways it shows up:


The moment you lose your drive, feel constantly unhappy and do not understand why you are chasing paper, I got news for you. Definitely, you are are extremely exhausted. When no amount of rest seems adequate and you start feeling like you are running on empty, then it is time to deal with the burnout.

Panic attacks

Panic attacks are more often than not identified by a medical practitioner. If experiencing it for the first time, you might confuse it with something life-threatening and rush straight to the emergency unit of a hospital. The symptoms of short breath and pain in the chest often characterised as an anxiety attack, are a result of a constant state of anxiety and stress. The body is always on a fight or flight mode which will eventually cause an attack.

Feeling overwhelmed

As an entrepreneur, when things are going good, you feel like the king or queen of your domain. But the strain your venture is putting on your body will quickly take you from an I’m winning this attitude to a can I crawl into a hole. At this point in time, everything seems to be too much to handle. If at any point you feel like this, it is time to take care of yourself. Remember that you are not superhuman. Your body can only do so much. Whatever you do, do not push beyond your body’s capacity, burnout is not a joke.

Overcoming business burnout

If you exhibit any of the signs spelt out above, it is time to focus on self-care. As the engine that runs the business, not only does your body need the care, so does your business. Overcoming stress is a win-win situation because working on your dreams while extremely tired can cost you both. Here are ways to take care of yourself:

Sleep: It is understandable that as an entrepreneur, you want to put in more hours and get your venture going. There is a lot to tie up and very few hours in the day to get all these tasks accomplished. The moment you experience a burnout, it is important that you sneak into your schedule as much sleep as you can.

Your body needs regular sleep to repair damaged cells. As a preventative measure, it is important that you get at least eight hours of sleep. Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. So go ahead and get a shut eye, and soon enough, you will be back to work with more zeal.

Massage: This is probably among the best ways to relieve burnouts. You can never get enough of this, as a matter of fact, in the early stages of your business, get a massage biweekly to keep burnout at bay. A massage will revitalise your nervous system and with a few of those you will be as good as new.

Play: As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It is important that you get a life outside of your business. Hang out with your friends, spend time wrestling with your kids, swim, watch a movie, have a laugh a minute. This will go a long way in curing burnout.

Eat well: As fuel is important to a car, so is food to a human being, so remember to eat well. Eat on schedule and snack on healthy treats like greens, veggies, fruit and lean protein. This will help keep burnout at bay. Most entrepreneurs are guilty of skipping meals throughout the day in lieu of working and then eating junk at the end of the day when hunger pangs set in. Please remember that caffeine and sugar are not your friends. They have a way of heightening anxiety.

Constant selfcare will keep you in tip-top shape. You will not have to worry about losing work hours to burnout. As you focus on hitting your milestones, remember to take care of yourself.

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