Senators, MPs on collision course over new roads bill

A standoff is looming between the Senate and the National Assembly over senators’ threat to reject the Kenya Roads Bill.

Senators, who began debate on the bill yesterday, said members of the National Assembly ignored the role of county governments in the construction and management of roads.

They want clause 42 of the bill to be amended to give county governments powers to approve compulsory acquisition of land for construction of roads.

“Under Article 62(2) and Article 63 of the Constitution, county governments are in charge of public land,” said the report of the Senate committee on roads and transportation.

The senators also want clause 56 of the bill deleted, saying it gives Treasury unilateral powers to impose new levies on road users. Instead, Senators want the clause amended to ensure Treasury consults county governments.

“This will ensure the road user charges prescribed are implemented or implementable by the county governments in respect to county roads,” the committee said.

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