Emirates bets on cargo to drive growth in Kenya

Emirates Airlines plans to continue leveraging cargo and innovation to grow its market share in Kenya.

Regional Manager for East Africa, Hendrik du Preez said cargo plays an important role in the growth plan, citing Emirates’ SkyCargo’s role in the airline’s expanding operations globally.

“Across our network, we review our operations from time to time to be sure we are staying agile, and we scale our operations to meet demand and Kenya is no different,” he said.

“We continue to invest in initiatives and infrastructure that will secure our future success,” du Preez said. He said this has made the airline to continue registering strong growth despite regional and global economic challenges. One of the biggest airlines in the world, the carrier has invested heavily in Kenya, employing 1,410 people including 36 pilots and 410 cabin crew.

It operates double-daily flights from Dubai to Nairobi using Boeing 777-300 that can lift up to 360 passengers.

du Preez said the airline continues to pursue strategic cooperation and innovations that make commercial sense and improve customer comfort and convenience.“Previously in Kenya, for instance, he said all bookings made on the Emirates website in Kenya required customers to either make online payments via debit or credit card or physically visit the Emirates offices.

“However, Emirates has introduced a mobile money payment option, which allows customers to pay through their mobile money wallet and immediately receive their tickets,” du Preez said.

Emirates Cargo Manager for East Africa, Saeed Abdulla said Nairobi is one of the most important freighter stations in the region evidenced by the fact that the airline operate daily freighter flights to transport flower exports from the region.“Our B777 freighters can carry up to 100 tonnes of cargo allowing uplift of a large volume of cargo. Heavy and outsized objects are also easily transported on our freighters,” he added.

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