Brand Kenya unveils marketing index to boost trade, tourism

Brand Kenya has unveiled a report that counties can use to coordinate initiatives meant to market products, services and concepts in different devolved units to maximise efficiency.

 Chris Diaz, director, Brand Kenya, said that the “Counties Branding Index” study was aimed at determining the weaknesses and strengths of every county in positioning themselves as centres for trade, tourism and investment.

He said the report will serve as a guide to the policy framework at the county level and provide status for competitiveness. Diaz said the study had been initiated by Brand Kenya to understand the level at which each county brand is and to identify the issues or sectors that need more attention in order to improve their brand.

He said counties have unique value proportion that they can offer to other counties and also use to sell the country abroad in order to promote tourism.

Angela Ambitho (pictured), Infotrack, chief executive officer, who conducted the study said they assessed each county’s performance in the 15 indicators and 115 sub-indicators spread across various sectors.

“The sectors were grouped in three pillars namely economic, social and political. Each indicator and sub-indicator was assigned a weight of either Very Very Important ( VVI)=3, Very Important (VI)=2 and Important (I)=1,” she said.

According to the study, agriculture, county branding and transport or infrastructure sectors recorded the highest scores at 9.5, 9.3 and 9.2 respectively. While culture and sports, service delivery, communication and tourism recorded the lowest score of 7, 6.8, 6.7 and 5.8 respectively.

Highest score

Ambitho urged counties which have not done well to ensure they benchmark in those that have done well in each sector instead of going abroad to other countries to do the same. Mombasa, for instance, recorded the highest score in transport or infrastructure, trade investment, energy, tourism and communication. On the other hand, it recorded marginal performance in health, culture and sports, agriculture and water and sanitation. 

Ambitho said each county seems to have a competitive advantage in certain sectors, while in areas where they score low, there exist great potential. Floice Mukabana, Brand Kenya board chief executive officer, said the model will help the 47 counties brand and reposition themselves as strong and potential centres for investments, trade and tourism.

According to the report Kiambu has a comparative advantage in agriculture, education, energy, trade and investment and communication whereas those with potential include transport or infrastructure.


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