CoG rejects plan to return ECDE teachers to State

Governors have opposed calls to have Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers employment by counties reverted to Teacher Service Commission (TSC).

During the first national ECDE teachers meeting with stakeholders, Council of Governors’ Education Committee chair Paul Chepkwony said the change would require a referendum.

“Lack of proper ECDE implementation and teachers’ employment is not to be blamed on county governments but national government’s inadequate funding,” he said, adding that both levels of  government are discussing a possibility of giving grants to counties to facilitate full implementation of the programme.

“The Sh10,000 we are paying teachers is nothing, but we are working tirelessly to improve remuneration,” he said during the first national Early Childhood Development Education consultative meeting at Kenya Institute of Curriculum Education yesterday.

Education Cabinet secretary Amina Mohamed, Knut secretary general Wilson Sossion, Bomet Senator Christopher Langat and ECDE representatives from 47 counties, attended the meeting.

The ECDE representatives called for TSC to take over employment while counties take care of policies. After deliberations, Knut, Education ministry, CoG vowed to lobby for signing of 2014 ECDE Bill and introduction of scheme of service.

Chairperson, Senate Education Committee Christopher Lang’at assured teachers the bill will be passed soon.

“Politics ate much time and the bill was somehow ignored.  The AG has submitted the bill back to the Senate where we are going to do some amendments to include recommendations of all stakeholders that could have been missed earlier,”  he said.

Amina said the Ministry is working closely with county governments to ensure that the ECDE guidelines are aligned to the County ECDE Bill, 2014.

“ECDE is critical to the future success of our children as well as the continued growth of our economy,” she said.

She highlighted inadequate curriculum delivery, curriculum supervision and lesson support; inadequate teacher professional development as the challenges.

Others include weak inter-sectoral coordination of ECDE services; regional disparities in access to ECDE services; high child-teacher ratio; and inadequate physical infrastructure as well as teaching and learning materials.

Meanwhile, Sossion and Amina yesterday  disagreed over the cause of student unrest and  who  should bear the cost of burnt dormitories, laboratories, classrooms and other structures during unrest.

Sossion  said the current arson attacks and unrest in schools are caused by delocalisation of teachers while Amina termed his argument as simplistic.

“Teacher Service Commission (TSC) is implementing a policy on delocalisation without consultation, they should carry the blame of what is going on,” said Sossion.

He said the transfer of principals is the cause of schools instability and before it is done, Board of management, students, and community among other stakeholders should  be consulted.

But the said the government will address all the issues in a round table meeting soon.

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