Shebesh tells counties to donate land for projects

Eric Juma

Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs Chief Administrative Secretary Rachel Shebesh has accused county governments of denying them land to set up gender-based violence recovery centres, and markets.

Shebesh said millions of money for such projects are lying idle at the ministry, adding that if counties will not avail land, the funds will be diverted to other projects or returned to the Treasury.

The post I hold was created to foster rapport between County and National governments so that services of both governments directly benefit Kenyans at the grassroots,” she said.

Speaking when she paid a courtesy call to Siaya Deputy Governor James Okumbe, she asked counties to post staff to Huduma Centres.  Youth Fund chairman Ronny Osumba decried low uptake of   Youth Enterprise Fund in Nyanza and Western regions despite the sensitisation programmes in the regions.

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