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I just don’t care

Self belief is magical and it is the wind in Msupa S’ sails. Manuel Ntoyai puts the spotlight on the self-proclaimed Kalenjin hip-hop queen

When she came into the limelight, the self-proclaimed Kalenjin hip-hop queen, Sandra Chebet Koech aka Msupa S, sent the local entertainment industry into a frenzy. Her hit, Hello Hello sparked social media with many labelling her, 254’s Cardi B.

Unlike her counterparts in the hip-hop scene, Msupa S hails from Bomet county. The 19-year-old lass is fresh from high school and already making headlines with her unique sound — a fusion of hip-hop and Kalenjin; something unheard of. 

Msupa S began her music journey in 2013, but it wasn’t until earlier this year, the lass skyrocketed into fame. Even hip-hop god, Khaligraph Jones was impressed, thus leading to a big collabo hit. She has since transformed from the trash-talking girl with an odd sense of fashion, to a star to watch.

Decoding Msupa S

“What many don’t know is that I have been in the game for four years. I had done a number of songs before my famed hit, All The Way Up,” she told Spice.

The hit was a rendition of the original tune by American hotshots Fat Joe, Remy Ma and French Montana. Her hilarious video went viral with social media users doing multiple shares on their different online platforms. In the song, she took shots at the likes of Femi One, Noti Flow, Sosuun, and Kyki.

How it all began

“I got calls from different media personalities and when I went to Ebru TV, I met rapper Khaligraph Jones. We exchanged contacts and things moved on pretty fast from there,” shares an ecstatic Msupa S.

Her collabo with Khaligraph Jones, Watajua Hawajui has over one million YouTube views and is still staking up the numbers.

“I would get calls from my family and friends back home congratulating me on my new-found success,” shares the newcomer.

However, prophets of doom have been quick to rubbish her rise claiming she won’t last long, with some critics saying she should stick to Kalenjin music.

“There are those who are saying my accent is an impediment, but they are wrong. In fact, I am proud of it and people back at home are celebrating the fact that I have been able to cut across this stereotype that shagz people can’t do well in the hip-hop game,” says Msupa S.

No more controversy

After releasing her collabo with Khaligraph Jones, Msupa S aka the Kalenjin Rap Queen as she fancies herself, is back with yet another hit, I Don’t Care. In it, she continues to court controversy as she has now been linked to illuminatti, with many pointing fingers at the graphics used on her video.

“All this talk about Illuminati is ridiculous. I would be driving a Range Rover and not using matatus as I do! The triangle signs are just signs and my director told me not to mind them,” she illuminates.

Ricco Beats produced the track while the video directed by Steve Kipande.

 Speaking to Spice, Kipande who also runs the Grip Music & Pictures, an entertainment company, revealed that not only is Msupa S fun to work with, but her work ethic is something other artistes should emulate.

“Msupa S has lots of energy and is always chatty — you won’t be bored on set. However, what I liked more about her is her confidence and work ethic. Adding that to the fun she brings on the set, and you will have a happy director giving out a good product,” he stated.

There is no doubt it’s all the way up for this rapping sensation, and we can’t wait to see what the lass has up her sleeve.

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