Shelve Mau evictions, MP tells government

Lawmaker says timing is inappropriate as families had been left to suffer with no alternative land to settle in

A Jubilee legislator has now waded into the contentious Mau Forest evictions and asked the government to shelve the  exercise, saying the timing is inappropriate.

Bomet Central MP Ronald Tonui (pictured) termed the evictions in parts of Maasai Mau bloc in Narok as inhuman because families had been left with no alternative land to settle in.

He said with the chilly weather currently being experienced in the country and which is unfavourable especially for the affected children, there were higher risks of them contracting deadly diseases.

“The weather is not favourable at all…as we all know, July and August is always cold  and rainy and if we continue this way, we shall be endangering their lives,” he said.

While sympathising with the group, the legislator said most of those affected have lived there for many years and were now being rendered homeless.

Speaking to the press, Tonui said unlike the previous evictions when residents have been given land to settle in or compensated, the government did not plan the current exercise well.

“We have had evictions before, but in all, the interests of the people have been well-catered for. It is now unfortunate that the government do not seem to care about lives,” he added.

He also wondered why the government was so keen on evicting people from Mau forest alone yet there are other key government forests across the country which are inhabited by people.

Tonui said the  government’s may create a humanitarian crisis as thousands of residents would be left homeless.

He said most of those who have been evicted have title deeds and the government ought to have considered them.

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