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Clint Malik, 21, is a fashion designer based in Nairobi who goes against all odds to express himself through his clothes. His style has earned him recognition in the fashion world, writes Alfayo Onyango

Fashion has always…been in me. When I was a kid,  I loved looking different from my friends, especially in school. I would pin my school shoes, sweater and shorts. However, I went to my first photo shoot in 2013, when I showcased my first designs. I have been working on my look book, which I am going to launch soon with a more than 30 design collection.

My most memorable fashion moments…is when I do crazy designs that leave people amused and shocked. I love attending fashion events. I tend to go out of the norm on my designs. I have used pegs, sieves, matchsticks, cigars and other details in my designs. I just love exploring.

A day in the life of a designer begins with…making decisions on what I will wear for the day. I always purpose to do something different from what I have done.This is important to me since it challenges my creativity. It challenges me to do better everyday.

The difference between designing for myself and others is…I try to break the rules and go out of the norm, but still remain true to myself and my style.

Anything goes…as long as it works for me. This is because I consider some factors before dressing, such as my mood, weather and occasion.

If I had all the money in the world…I would buy myself an island. I would turn it into an art nation. I would be holding art events in it. I would also make it the best art selling nation in the world.

My favourite international designers are…Ralph Lauren and Trevor Stuurman — their creativity levels are mad. They break the rules to create their own unique style. I admire their diversity. They are building empires and making fashion interesting. Stuurman also upholds African fashion in a unique way.

I believe you should wear…what suits the occasion. I believe every occasion deserves its look.For example if its an official/formal occasion, you have to look presentable and smart. Likewise, you cannot go for a party or a night out with friends in a suit. I believe its just being disciplined in a fashion context.

I believe everyone should…own a timepiece — for both style and time management.

I would most love to dress…Pharell Williams. He Is stylish and so simple, but still stands out — it’s confusing and intriguing at the same time. He loves colours and I appreciate that vibe.

If I wasn’t a fashion designer, I would be…an interior designer. Guess it’s just designing (laughs), but I would say that I just love the idea of breathing new life in a room. I also love working with colours and accessories.This was among my career dreams.

I am wearing…a beige turtle neck, white pants, Superga rubbers and a half sweater.

My best fashion buy is…a fur coat, made from mink. It cost me about Sh3,000 and Dr Martens double sole kicks for Sh2,500.

My style icon is…the late Michael Jackson and A$AP Rocky.  Michael Jackson’s style was iconic and bold. A$AP Rocky’s style is eccentric, bold and iconic. Their style inspires me. They amuse me.

My go-to accessories are… watches, rings and neckpieces.

My signature scent is…Chrome by Azzaro.

My fashion obsession are…colourful clothes and Superga rubbers.

I stock up on…clothes. I keep buying more and more colourful clothes.

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