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World Cup hangover cures

1. Sevens Circuit

Football consumed us so much that we even forgot about the ongoing games at RFUEA grounds. But we can still catch up with seven circuit from July 21.  The 20th edition of National Sevens Circuit will run until September 15, traversing six Kenyan cities and towns in the quest to determine the 2018 Kenyan Club Sevens Champions. Action begins with Nakuru Prinsloo Sevens, Eldoret for the Sepetuka Sevens, Kabeberi Sevens in Nairobi, Masaku Sevens in Machakos with the coastal city of Mombasa playing host to the Driftwood Sevens and in Kisumu, Dala Sevens. The round of the circuit will come to a conclusion with the Christie Sevens at Nairobi’s RFUEA grounds.

2. Premier League

If you are still hung up on football you can look forward to the Premier League in early August. The games might not be an everyday affair, but they’ll be a sure way to cure your World Cup hangover.

3. Road trip

Nothing beats quality time with family and friends, and there is no better way to experience this than on a road trip. You don’t really have to spend a night in a hotel, just do a drive as you experience the scenic views that Kenya has to offer. Talk about time well spent. You could also hit the road alone and take the time to think through, evaluate and find clarity.  It could be the Nyeri Kiganjo route or the Western Highlands of Kericho or even just the popular great Rift valley view point.

4. Food adventure

They say the best way to interact with a different culture is by trying out new cuisines. This helps you to expand your taste buds and step out of your comfort zone. It’s all there in the name, a food adventure.  It could be a holiday that lets you discover new places through amazing meals and culinary experiences, while also giving you the chance to master local dishes, try unusual delicacies and enjoy entertaining itineraries. With all these new local restaurants that have cropped up around you, find one that offers something you have not experienced before and indulge.

5. Take up sales

Some of us forgot it’s the month of discounts. Don’t run to Tile & Carpet just yet because it’s too little too late. Other people are still running sale and discounts offers and it’s probably the best time to take advantage and buy some of the things you’ve been eyeing, but the pricing was a little too much for your budget.  It’s also the right time to buy things like lingerie, swimwear or even that Nigerian Jersey you’ve been wanting because they are off-season trends.

6. Musical concerts

The entertainment scenes had taken a step back as World Cup fever  took over the wheels. With the season coming to a close, we are now expecting a flow of concerts from late July to December. Whether it’s international or local artistes, get out of the house, embrace the traffic jams on our roads, and enjoy some music with a bunch of strangers.

7. Try camping or hiking

The outdoors make for a great breather, so why pass up an opportunity to go hiking, rock climbing or even mountain climbing! All are good means to unwind and stay fit at the same time. Camping makes up for a great adventure. You can scale Mount Kenya, hike up Mount Longonot or even Ngong Hills. You could also camp near Lake Naivasha or around the beautiful scenes of Nanyuki. But if your too posh for a tent, you could always glamp (camp in style).

8. Watch a movie or a play

Many of us choose World Cup over our favourite TV series probably putting that movie guy out of business for a while. Movies are definitely a source of entertainment in many homes, and as such, it comes down to your home theatre or the movie theatre. So, in case you put a pause on your TV, you might want to revisit. You can also catch up with plays at your local theatre.

9. Engage in fun group activities

It’s actually the perfect time for team building, at least most people will be available. There are plenty of fun activities you can enjoy, in groups. You can go for paintball, bowling, indoor rock climbing, ice skating, racing on go-karts, or even the challeging rope challenge.

10. Get  physically fit

It’s time to detox, especially for those who kept at it with the bar tabs during the World Cup season. You might want to get back into the gym after a month-long of indudging. You can even join a fitness camp, cycle in Karura Forest or jog round your estate; just to get back on your fit (pun intended).