Do mums really know everything?

Perhaps we do, but not because we are superwomen (or maybe we are). Our ability to multitask makes us aware of all our surroundings, especially those around our children. Like hawks, we keenly observe our children’s movements while taking on other tasks in an effort to keep them safe and still be everywhere else. This is perhaps why we notice every change in them.

When my two daughters, Pesh and Raine, realised nothing they did went unnoticed, they colluded and came up with the toughtest questions they could come up with. Most came from their school books. (Do all children get surprised that we know what they study in school or is it just mine?) Cornered The girls sat me down, each with their own questions and like a trivia, they conerned me into answering mathematical, science and spelling challenges.

Jeez, Raine even asked me to draw a cat and inspected it to ensure it had a tail and whiskers. They went on to ask how I always know what happens in school and always ask them before they announce it. I looked at my phone and for a moment, thanked God for these tiny communication gadgets that keep us on the loop. I’m no magician.

The school my children attend belongs to my family and my siblings and therefore, we talk almost everyday. It made perfect sense that I would know from them everthing that happened to my children. I could have explained this to my children, but on second thought I decided to keep the mysery on fire. So are we? Or not? I waited till they were completely satisfied before asking what my exams were all about. “It’s true Raine,” Pesh was still marvelled as she compared notes with her younger sister.

“What’s true?” I probed. They both looked at me, wide-eyed and thoroughly mystefied. “Mums know everything!” They both said. I smiled and thought I had won over them. My parenting job would now be made easier! And so their admiration lasted, well, until I couldn’t answer a number of questions about God and death!

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