Beauty that limits

One minute, she is happy she looks all glamorous, but the next minute she can’t comfortably prepare a cup of coffee. Reason? Her nails and hair can’t let her have it easy

Women are conscious about their looks. Throughout history, they have sought ways to make themselves more noticeable and beautiful. They would go to any length to achieve their desired look— apply make-up, go for latest hair and nail trends, wear stylish clothes and shoes. They will work hard to achieve an hourglass figure. Some take it further and go for cosmetic surgery. And this search for beauty comes with its own share of challenges.

Talons that makes doing house chores a task

Salma Akinyi, a campus student in Nairobi who is interning at a local firm, confirms that indeed beauty sometimes can be limiting. While in campus, she loves her nails long and she often went for the stilettos stick-ons. “This is what my friends are up to. We want to look like divas. There is also a way that someone talks when you have long nails. You want to use gesture a lot. It’s pretty cool. But when it comes to doing chores, such as washing utensils and clothes, cooking, among others, one takes forever, because you don’t want to break the nails. If the nails sticks on to something, it can be quite painful,” she says.

The nails also presented a task at her work. “When I started my internship, it was difficult for me to type fast and this was affecting my work flow,” she says.

Wigs gone with the wind and robbers

If you are having a bad hair day and running late, wigs are the best option. They also come in handy, especially if you want to give your hair a break from braiding and combing. But with wigs comes extra care. Rose Njeri had to endure an embarrassing moment courtesy of her wig. “My hair was bad. I decided to wear a wig to work . I sat in a matatu
and leaned on my chair. The leather seats were worn out. As I stood to alight, my wig got stuck. I was embarrassed as I didn’t know whether to pull it or just alight,” she recalls.

Woe unto you if you use a boda
wearing a wig. They are blown off by the wind. Or in a club, don’t be carried away in the dance floor unless you want your wig off.

And since the wigs have in recent past been in demand, robbers are ripping them off unsuspecting women.

Make-up not for rainy days

If you haven’t invested in legit products and waterproof make-up, then water is not your friend. There is make-up that will literally drip off as soon as it comes into contact with water or sweat. So, unless you want to look like a walking scarecrow, choose wisely.

No rubbing eyes with mascara

Rubbing eyes may seem like a harmless thing to do but it is a no-no, especially if you wear mascara. This can transport bacteria into your eyes, cause irritation, cause allergic reactions, among others.

Painful long, bulky hair

We are talking faux locks, crotchets, braids and bulky hair extensions. “I once put crotchets that were too bulky, they pulled my hairline. I couldn’t sleep for three days. They were also long, so any time I would bend, they would follow suit. It was difficult to do chores and even if I tried a head wrap, it wasn’t big enough. I swore never again would I wear that style,” says Sandra Wekesa.

Lipstick that transfer

Many are familiar with memes doing round of women eating and drinking at an angle, careful not to damage their lipstick. The hustle is real!

Uncomfortable stilletos

Carolyn Mutheu once wore her favourite pair of high heels to town. Since she was going to pick a cab from town, she didn’t see the need to carry her flat shoes. “There was traffic and the matatu guys didn’t want to beat it. So, we were dropped off about a kilometre away and I had to walk. It was exhausting and my feet were killing me, yet I wanted to look smart, and I didn’t want people to notice I was in pain,” she  recalls.

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