Speedster Onditi raises the dust in Jamhuri

  Barry Silah


Zenni Onditi was in cruise mode Sunday as he topped the MX 125 class Championship lead in the round of five of Motocross action at Jamhuri Racetrack.

Despite claiming second spot in the opening heat, Onditi was to later set quick lap times to win both the second and third heats for 57 points.

The quick rider now has 258 points in the overall standings as the calendar takes a short break for the Enduro 3 event next weekend.

Onditi was bang on with his manoeuvres and pushed his KTM bike all the way especially on the bumps as he sought to put his challengers on the back pedal.

Kigen Kiplagat was also a joy to watch in the tracks as he came runner-up in the third and fourth heats and was always piling pressure on the day’s winner. His energy and swift shift of gears on acceleration earned him cheers on the stands.

At the close of day, he was at 252 points overall after comfortably amassing 54 points from the run heats.

“I felt great out there and my performances just showed. I believe the momentum is picking and I will fight to keep the lead despite the competition,” said Onditi.

In the MX2 class, action was full blown as well between Rolf Kihara and Alex Moi as they battled to the dead. The two riders almost instinctively interchanged positions but Kihara was on a roll due to his engine superiority.

This made it easy on him to do the trick jumps and glides as he picked 57 points on a rather solid day. The only female rider in the category Maxine Wahome came in third with 41 points. Ethan Nyachae endured recurring mechanical troubles with his machine thereby tumbling twice.

Another interesting show was in the MX 85cc where Tai Wahome took charge of proceedings proper.

He won two heats and came in runner up in the first heat to push his standings to 248 points but still trails Dylan Mutahi by five points despite the latter finishing fourth in the day.

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